About us

Years ago I began thinking about a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. I spent a lot of time going through recipe books to find some healthy alternatives. Spent plenty of money on new cook books. It helped…just not enough. There had to be more to it. I started researching, reading and absorbing all I could on the subject in the hopes of finding the right combination of foods and exercise. My knowledge improved but the more I learned the more I realized that 1. I really like this and 2. there is so much more to learn.

A few months later, after lengthy discussions with my partner and many deep thoughts as well as a great deal of research, I left the corporate world to to join The Institute for Holistic Nutrition (IHN). I chose this school because through my research I found that most of the premier Holistic Nutritionists in Canada graduated from IHN and I wanted to learn from the best. After an amazing learning experience I was so ready to continue changing my own Healthy Lifestyle but to also help those who desire a change. I have learned so much on this journey and would love to share my knowledge and determination with you.